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Now Looking for Sponsor's

Italian Vogue QVC Cover Model Paula Patrice.

Distorted Beauty #2.


Somebody must randomly get hit with a ball and never know from where.

How many cookies can you hold?

ANKAR SWEDEN A/W 2012..... fun fun.

I need to get these underwear for my little guy.

Another day at OpenSky.

Dish T.V. From your window not your Roof?

Hours Later and a Dirty Look.

"Outside" but really inside all day.

A view of Rome.... but from a cab window heading to work.

Rapid, Scan.

Random pets.

Well, you tell me whats going on in this shot.

Good morning Little Man.

Musician Diego Garcia, Dont kiss me.

Just Mean Man, Just Mean.

Walking to the Train.

Wicked Condo Building.

Morning Walk in Coney Island

Two Dollars.